Monday, June 29, 2009

Please Meet Roscoe

Roscoe is a big, big, lug of a dog. He figures that's great because there's more of him to love.

And boy, does he love people! He gets so excited around them because he knows that people mean love.and food. But it's his inability to curb his enthusiasm and delight in all things human that put him in Best Friends in the first place. See, he lived in a home with really little children. Roscoe loved the little children; but he kept knocking them down when he'd go over to them for some loving.

Since coming to Best Friends, Roscoe's been learning the finer points of sit, stay and other basic training skills. And he has definitely mastered "Fetch!"

Roscoe is also working on a diet. (We've explained to him that there will still be plenty of him to love even if he loses a few pounds.) He gets along with other dogs his size, but doesn't get along well with little dogs --- or cats! He doesn't want anything to do with cats!

But he does want EVERYTHING to do with people. And a home. If Roscoe can go home with you, he promises to be the happiest and biggest lap dog ever!

Roscoe is painted in oils on a 7" x 5" Raymar canvas wood panel. 20% from the sale of this painting will go to Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. Thank you for looking and saving a Lab a Day!! Sheila