Saturday, May 9, 2009


A sweet, sensitive soul.This Ghost is more likely to be scared than to scare somebody else. He's not sure how close he should let people come, sometimes. But once he's comfortable with someone, just loves to be petted. And he's got a soft, ultra-silky coat that's a joy to touchGhost is about five, and was living as a stray in Arizona, along with his brother. A lady used to leave food and water out for the pair. But one day, she learned that a neighbor was going to go out, try to find those stray dogs, and shoot them. So she went out and caught them! And they were able to come to Best Friends. Ghost's brother liked being at the sanctuary, adjusted quickly, and found a home. But poor Ghost was so used to being a stray dog, he was slow to learn the ways of living with people. And nobody wanted to pick him.But he's starting to let the people he knows get close to him - and pet his velvety fur. He's healthy and kind-hearted. He's just shy. But he's hoping you'll think about him, and that maybe his chance will come.
11 x 14" on stretched canvas 40% of the Proceeds from the sale of this oil painting will go to Best Friends Animal Society