Saturday, April 25, 2009


Before I put Tabitha's infrmation in I just have to say I absolutely fell is LOVE with this face. Pups are fun but an older dog?? You get total devotion and love!! 40 % from the sale of this piece will go directly to Best Friends Society. 14" x 11 " oil on stretched canvas. Sides are painted so it's ready to hang. $460.00

About Tabitha
Melted chocolate, soulful eyes.
Tabitha is a very demure lady. In new situations, she's a bit timid. But take a few moments to be with her, and you'll soon see she's the most huggable girl around. Make sure you're talking to her, and not about her - gossip offends her, and Tabitha will walk away. When you do have her attention, give her lots of cuddling and kisses. She loves knowing you appreciate her sweetness.
When she's not snuggling, Tabitha enjoys her playtime with her long friend Boo. She likes to take walks where she can sniff out scurrying lizards, and explore the rocks. She's been at Best Friends quite a while, and she's starting to get that sad feeling that nobody's ever going to pick her.
She lost her home when her people moved and couldn't take the doggie with them. Is there hope for something new for her?
Click here to see
Tabitha's "adopt me" video!,


  1. Great job Sheila, love the eyes and the reflection on her fur.

  2. Thank you Vern! This dog just totally reached out to me.

  3. What a beautiful job, the brushwork is wonderful with its form.

  4. Love all of your Labs, but especially Tabitha. What a sweet face! Very nice painting. Love the warm tones against the cool blues of her fur.