Saturday, May 23, 2009


This old girl is slowly learning some new tricks. And no small feat, considering what Sindy has been through.
All her life, she lived in a small outdoor pen as the "companion" animal to a mentally disabled and economically challenged couple. But nobody petted her or interacted with her. Truly, Sindy spent her first ten years living on the verge of dying.
But now Sindy is safe and sound at Best Friends and for the first time, enjoying life. She's learned that playing is part of life as a dog. Sindy thinks toys are great fun, but will drop them in a hurry as soon as someone comes over to give her some attention. See, Sindy has also learned that people give love. And boy, does she love love!
Sindy isn't perfect: She still can't quite believe that food will always be there for her, so she never finishes her meal to save some eats for later, just in case --- one of her survival tricks that she can't quite let go of just yet. She also can't quite believe affection is a natural part of her life, so Sindy really sticks to people when they come by to pet her.
Sindy can't live with other animals. She'd thrive in a quiet home with one or two adults. And after all she's been through, doesn't this old girl deserve to live out the rest of her life in love and comfort?

$460 14" x 11" oil on stretched canvas. Proceeds from the sale of this painting will go to Best Friends Animal Society


  1. oh, so heartbreaking and heartwarming. Poor sweet baby! She looks like such a love. It's a beautiful portrait, Sheila.

  2. Thank you Liz...on't you wish you could take them all in.

  3. So Sad, and shes so sweet, glad Sindy is enjoying life now. Beautiful Portrait.lindax

  4. Just thought you should know that your posting of Sindy was on my birthday (May 23) when I first met her at Best Friends. A friend of mine took me there, I decided to choose Sindy as me sleepover guest since I always have grown up with Labs. Then, a month later, on a trip to Zion, I took my kids to Best Friends to visit and we had a second sleepover with Sindy. As of two weeks ago, Sindy has been adopted by us and now is called Meera!